A Real Estate Lawyer Is Essential in Charleston’s Market

A Real Estate Lawyer Is Essential in Charleston’s Market

The Charleston housing market has staged a major comeback since the 2008 housing market crash. New home construction, a primary marker of the health of the market at large, is at its highest level since 2006. There is particularly strong growth in Mount Pleasant and throughout the northern Charleston areas.

If you are considering buying and selling a home in this volatile marketplace, it helps to have an attorney representing you in your transaction. A legal professional can guide you through the research and closing process, ensuring that your vital interests are protected.

Here are several of the primary reasons why it is important to hire an attorney for your real estate transaction.

 Researching a Home Before You Buy

Unlike smaller purchases, a misstep in a home purchase can lead to a lifetime of consequences. After all, if you buy a home and later find defects that were not revealed to you before, you cannot exactly return it to the store. That’s why it is so important to have a dedicated attorney review your closing documents and the history of a home before you sign on the dotted line.

An attorney can look for a number of factors that may play a role in your transaction, including:

  • Hidden liens on the property
  • Irregularities with the title or deed
  • Financial terms of the property transaction
  • Unresolved environmental or inspection issuess

Without conducting this analysis, you are leaving yourself exposed to unwelcome surprises later.

Providing a Legal Perspective on Your Purchase or Sale

People who are buying or selling real estate rarely have a dedicated advocate on their side in the transaction. Real estate agents are working to move the property, without necessarily serving the interests of the buyer or the seller. Other involved parties may not have the expertise to weigh in substantially on the matter.

By retaining an attorney in your real estate transaction, you are putting a necessary legal perspective into the framework of the sale. A property sale is a legal process, with appropriate actions that must be taken under national, state, and municipal law. With an attorney representing you, you can ensure that this process goes forward in accordance with applicable law.

Evaluating the Final Agreement

The final agreement is the most important aspect of a real estate transaction. Sellers need to determine when they will receive payment and whether that payment is a fair market value for the home. Buyers need to be aware of aspects of the property or terms that may not be in their best interests. In both cases, an attorney can help clear up any ambiguity.

Contact an Experienced Mt. Pleasant Real Estate Attorney

Any real estate transaction requires careful review from an experienced lawyer. At Klok Law Firm, we have years of experience guiding Mt. Pleasant homeowners and small business owners through legal aspects of their real estate transactions. To speak with an experienced attorney about your transaction today, call us at 843-216-8860 or contact us online.