Advantages of a Disability Law Attorney

Advantages of a Disability Law Attorney

While it is perfectly acceptable for individuals to apply on their own for disability benefits, it is often beneficial to obtain the help of an attorney. With an attorney providing representation during the application process, the chances that the claim will be approved increases. Further, an attorney can help make the entire process, including possible appeals, progress more quickly and efficiently.

Help with Your Claim

Regardless of whether a claim is being made through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or the Social Security Administration (SSA), an attorney can provide many benefits. Perhaps most importantly, an attorney with experience in disability law will have gone through the application process many times in the past. For the applicant, it is very likely that the process is a completely new experience. The attorney’s experience can be important, as he or she should know what to expect and what type of information is important to provide with the application.

An attorney can also help ensure that information is presented in the light most favorable to the applicant throughout the process. During the initial part of the application process, an attorney can provide advice on the alleged onset date (when the disability began) and form an argument that the applicant’s condition meets an impairment listed in the SSA’s blue book (which is a listing of all impairments that may qualify for disability benefits). Further, an attorney can help ensure that the application is filed quickly and completely. Filing a complete application is important because any missing information can lead to a delay in the processing of the claim.

In the event the claim is denied, an attorney becomes even more valuable because it is possible to appeal that decision. During an appeal, an attorney can help with the following:

  1. Presenting relevant medical evidence
  2. Obtaining opinions of the applicant’s healthcare providers
  3. Drafting any briefs that may be necessary or important
  4. Preparing the applicant for any questioning that may occur at the hearing
  5. Developing sophisticated legal arguments and theories that demonstrate the claim was wrongly denied
  6. Cross-examining any vocational experts or other adverse witnesses
  7. Preserving the evidentiary record through the use of objections

Further, an individual applying for disability benefits may have serious medical issues that require attention, which can make handling all of the aspects of the application difficult. While the applicant will still need to be involved (for example, by providing medical information or other documents), there are many tasks of the application process that an attorney can handle independently of the applicant. This allows the applicant more time to address medical issues related to their condition.

Charleston Disability Law Attorneys

The application for disability benefits does contain a certain level of complexity that an attorney can help guide you through. If you would like more information about applying for these benefits, speak with an experienced disabilities law attorney today. At the Klok Law Firm LLC, we are proud to offer our help to individuals in the procurement and retention of disability benefits.

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