Applying for Disability Benefits: Mistakes to Avoid

Applying for Disability Benefits: Mistakes to Avoid

People often put off applying for disability benefits for a number of reasons. They may be overwhelmed by the paperwork, afraid of not receiving any benefits, or scared they cannot gather all the requisite records. There are several common mistakes a claimant should always avoid when applying for disability benefits.

Waiting to Apply for Disability Benefits

One of the biggest mistakes a claimant can make is deciding to wait to apply. You are busy and many things are happening in your life. However, disability benefits are only awarded prospectively, so many months of eligibility can potentially become lost if you wait too long.

Not Applying for Disability Benefits at All

Similarly, another detrimental mistake a claimant can make is deciding not to apply at all or stopping their disability benefits application halfway through. Receiving disability benefits is not an easy or particularly fast process. However, claimants should bear in mind that they are entitled to receive these benefits and that applying for and receiving disability benefits is a helpful, and at times necessary step towards receiving other forms of support such as Medicare.

Not Appealing a Denial or Missing an Appeals Deadline

The Social Security Administration (SSA) initially denies over half of the applications for disability benefits outright. Many claimants mistakenly believe that if their first claim is denied, there is no possible recourse. However, this is not true. There is a formal three-stage appeals process to appeal the SSA’s decision, asking them to reconsider based on a wide range of factors. If disability benefits are initially denied, a claimant should try to appeal. However, it should be noted that there are only 60 days to appeal to the next stage of the appeals process so claimants must also stay diligent in making sure their appeal is timely.

Incorrectly Describing the Impact of Your Disability

It is important for claimants not to underestimate the impact of their disability on their benefits application, even if you are ordinarily too proud or stubborn to let others see how it impacts your daily life. By that same token, a claimant should not exaggerate their disability to try to receive more benefits. Thousands of people are applying for disability benefits. The SSA is experienced in evaluating applications and will likely be able to tell if you are blowing your disability out of proportion. The best thing to do is stick to the facts of your disability and how it impacts your everyday life.

Not Disclosing Prior Work History

To prove eligibility for disability benefits, claimants will have to show why they can no longer perform their work functions. It is important to detail the exact responsibilities of your job when applying for disability benefits and why your specific disability impairs your ability to perform those responsibilities.

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Applying for disability benefits can be a daunting task for anyone. You should hire lawyers who focus on disability benefits application and appeals to help walk you through and explain the process. The experienced Mt Pleasant disability attorneys at Klok Law Firm LLC can help you complete your application to receive the disability benefits you are entitled to receive.

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