Child Support Modification – Changing Obligations

Child Support Modification – Changing Obligations

One of the toughest aspects of being divorced or separated is that one of the two parents is often burdened with a child support obligation. While child support is important for the stability of your child and helps provide for the child’s needs, obligations can be steep and sometimes difficult to manage, especially when you experience a sudden change in your financial circumstances.

You might encounter a financial hardship, such as the loss of your job or a reduction in pay, or perhaps you have suffered an accident and suddenly have to shoulder some hefty medical bills. These circumstances are often outside of your control. Maybe you’ve stumbled on some bad luck, and your obligation is straining your finances to their breaking point. But here is some good news: in South Carolina, it is sometimes possible to obtain a court order for child support modification if you have experienced a substantial financial hardship.

Child Support Modification

When a parent experiences a substantial change in their financial circumstances, their child support order may be modified by the court. Under South Carolina case law, the family court has the authority to make child support modifications when it deems the circumstances warrant an adjustment in the amount of child support that is being paid. If a parent can demonstrate that their financial situation has changed from when the original child support court order was issued, the court may exercise its discretion and issue a child support modification order.

It is important to note that the modification to a child support obligation can be an increase or a decrease in the amount of child support that must be paid. A parent who suddenly wins the lottery or inherits substantial assets could be brought to court by the child’s other parent seeking an increase in the amount of child support that he or she receives for the child.

How A Child Support Lawyer Can Help

When seeking a child support modification, certain forms must be completed and turned into the court. Not only that, but the court has certain filing requirements and timeframes that must be adhered to if you want to have your day in court. There are many perils to worry about if you try to take on a child support modification on your own. Making a mistake can prevent or delay the modification that you need. An experienced child support lawyer in South Carolina can help you with the process and can guide you.

Get Help Today

Obtaining a child support modification is challenging but not impossible. If you have questions or concerns about child support obligations or need assistance obtaining a child support modification, you should discuss your situation with an experienced family law lawyer. Contact the Mount Pleasant, SC family law attorneys at Klok Law Firm LLC today for a free consultation.