Common Summer Custody Schedules

Common Summer Custody Schedules

One of the most important aspects of a child custody plan is the custody arrangement for the summer months. For many South Carolina families, child custody works best during the school year if the children live with one parent while school is in session (e.g., live with their mother during the school week from the fall until the late spring) and stay with the other parent when there is no school (e.g., staying with dad during weekends, minor holidays, etc.). The summer months present an opportunity to change up their normal child custody arrangement. Here are some notes on common summer custody schedules.

Summer Custody Schedules & Visitation

How parents share the summer months is up to them, and there are many different ways to go about child custody during the summer. Some of the most common summer custody schedules include:

  • Having the kids stay with one parent all summer. For some family situations, it makes sense for the children to spend their whole summer with the parent that they see the least. This is a particularly popular option for families where one parent lives out of state or so far away that visitation during the school year is impractical.
  • Inverting the child custody arrangement. Another popular option is for the parents to invert their normal child custody arrangement. For instance, if during the school year the children live with their mother during the school week and stay with their father during the weekends, in the summertime that arrangement may be reversed. The children may stay with their father during the week and then live with their mother on the weekends.
  • Breaking up the summer by weeks. Some parents find an even split of the summer months to be a good fit for their family. For this arrangement, parents determine how many weeks make up the summer break for the kids and then split the summer equally between them. This is a particularly useful option when parents have made plans to take the children on a summer vacation or trip.

How Do Parents Handle Summer Vacation Plans?

Another issue that often arises in summer custody schedules is how the parents will handle plans for a summer vacation or trip with the children. Many parents want the opportunity to take their kids to see extended family, to take beach vacations, and to do road trips with their kids.

Many parents incorporate a plan for handling summer vacations into their parenting plan as part of a divorce or separation in South Carolina. The specifics of how summer vacation custody of the children will work is highly specific to each family. Some ways that parents handle this issue include:

  • Incorporating a procedure into the parenting plan that the parents will use each year when deciding how to handle summertime custody of the children. The procedure might involve the parents discussing summer vacation plans three months in advance, including discussing the destination and purpose of the trip. The procedure can offer a fair way for the parents to handle summer vacation plans.
  • Declaring certain time frames for each parent to have a summer vacation with the kids. Another option is to simply designate a specific time during the summer that each parent gets to take their children on a summer vacation. For instance, the mother might get July 1-14th every year and the father might get August 1-14th each year as their respective designated summer vacation time slot.

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