Divorce Communication in a Proceeding: Too Much Can Be a Bad Thing

Divorce Communication in a Proceeding: Too Much Can Be a Bad Thing

Communication may be the key to a good marriage but when it comes to divorce proceedings it can serve to hurt one party or the other, either emotionally or legally. When it comes to divorce communication, words spoken or written in the heat of the moment or out of malice can weaken a party’s position or give rise to new problems throughout the divorce process. We have discussed how sharing too much on social media can torpedo your own divorce proceedings. In the same way, careless divorce communication in which you share your feelings or thoughts with your soon to be ex-spouse can lead to harm for your case.

Do Not Write Anything You Would Regret

You should always treat every divorce communication, whether speaking to your ex-spouse, in writing or over email, as if you were sending it to a judge that is overhearing your case. Keep any messages you send short and to the point, devoid of emotion or any judgmental talk. The greater the turmoil, anger or hatred there is in a divorce proceeding, the more neutral your tone should be.

Why should you do this? Chances are, any divorce communications that you send can and will be used against you. Your messages could likely end up on the desk of the judge overseeing your case. Threatening and angry messages are ammo provided to the other side, and words can be misinterpreted by a judge. For this reason, it may be best, even in the most amicable of divorces, to only communicate with the other side through your attorney.

The Role of Your Attorney in Divorce Communication

Your attorney can serve as a tone check for any messages that you may need to send and can help to ensure that there is nothing contained within your divorce communications that will harm your case. One of the jobs your attorney fulfills is the role of an emotional counselor at the time of your greatest need. Going through a divorce touches on many emotional aspects, none of which are pleasant or easy to deal with. Your attorney can help you develop a productive, civil way of dealing with negative emotions.

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No one should go through a divorce alone. You should make sure that your rights and interests are protected during your divorce to ensure that you receive your fair share and have access to your family after the marriage ends. Having the guidance from an experienced divorce attorney can make all the difference in your divorce.

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