Divorce Insurance: Hedging Bets or Pessimism at Its Worst

Divorce Insurance: Hedging Bets or Pessimism at Its Worst

In this day and age, we are bombarded constantly with articles and blogs about the best way to maintain our marriage, how to know if our significant other is marriage material, what signs we should be looking for in a failing relationship, etc. The science of marriage and divorce, however, are still under the microscope with very little determination of whether you and your significant other are doomed from the start.

Study: Indicators of Successful Marriages

The Atlantic Monthly recently published an article with a myriad of studies showing what factors would lead to a divorce and others that would lead to a strong marriage. The highlights of the study, items that could prove useful to those looking to “divorce-proof” their relationship, state the following:

  • The more time spent dating before a marriage proposal was initiated, the less likely a couple would divorce.
  • The more a couple makes annually, the higher the likelihood of their marital success. For example, couples making more than $125,000 were 51 percent less likely to divorce.
  • The more regularly a couple attended a religious event, the less likely they would divorce.
  • The more people that were invited to the wedding of the couple, the stronger the marriage would be. However, the more money spent on the wedding, the less likely the couple would last.

Divorce Insurance: What is it?

Though indicators such as these could be great signposts for the success of a marriage, recently couples have begun to hedge their marital debts by purchasing divorce insurance. Divorce insurance is the most recent fad, permitting unhappily married couples a possible payout post-divorce. Policyholders are protected from the financial upheaval that divorce usually generates, with a payout post-divorce to cover the costs of the legal proceedings or post-divorce life. Policyholders are able to buy units of protection with each unit costing $16 per month, for $1,250 in coverage. Depending on the number of years that the marriage lasts and the number of units purchased for protection, the company provides a lump sum related to that amount upon proof of divorce.

The Ins and Outs of Divorce Insurance

To prevent married couples who realize that their marriage is heading for divorce from cashing out on the plan, the policy does not mature until 48 months have passed from the effective date. However, couples who pay a maturity acceleration premium are able to enjoy a maturity period of 36 months. The money that is ultimately paid out can be used for anything that you would like post-divorce. The main problem that has yet to be tempered is the fact that the amount paid out could be found to be marital property, especially if the premiums were paid with shared money during the time of the marriage.

How would someone know if divorce insurance is right for them? The company provides to potential policyholders a variety of assessment tools for determining the necessity and the number of units that they should consider purchasing. One of the tools is the Divorce Probability Calculator to enable a potential policyholder the opportunity to plug in information about the marriage to determine how risky it is. Another tool used on the website is the divorce cost calculator, giving you an idea of how much your assets are worth and what your financial life will look like post-divorce.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys are Better Bets

No amount of insurance or the use of these assessment calculators will be able to determine the financial outcome of your divorce. Rather than taking matters into your own hands, it is important to discuss your options for separation or divorce with an experienced family law attorney at the Klok Law Firm LLC. Contact us today for a confidential consultation which will provide you with specific information tailored to the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.