Dos and Don’ts of Social Security Disability Applications

Dos and Don’ts of Social Security Disability Applications

Many applications for Social Security disability get declined, which is a hard truth for the thousands of people suffering the financial burden of disability in South Carolina and throughout the country. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, just 34.8 percent of disability applications were approved in 2010, down from 56 percent just a decade earlier.

Why are so many applications failing to gain approval? The answer in many cases is a lack of preparation and knowledge of the legal framework that guides Social Security disability decisions.

At Klok Law Firm, LLC, we help people with disabilities in Charleston obtain the benefits they deserve through years of knowledge and experience with the Social Security system. Here are some common dos and don’ts that can improve the chances of your application’s approval.

Stay in Touch

Surprisingly, many Social Security disability applications are denied for the simple reason that the agency cannot track down the applicants themselves. When you are supplying contact details in your application, make sure that you access those means of communication regularly. Keep your phone number updated, check any listed email accounts regularly, and watch out for mail from the Social Security Administration. An attorney can ease this burden by working as the primary point of contact with the SSA.

Pay Attention to Details

Details are critical in your application. In fact, nearly 31 percent of denials are based upon technical details. With many denials based upon financial considerations, you need to make sure that you are reporting the proper amount of income. In other cases, people are denied because they did not work long enough or recently enough. You will want to make sure that you are reporting all relevant work activities, especially those jobs that paid into the Social Security System.

Don’t Overlook Medical Records

While technical denials are frequent, medical denials are even more common. The Social Security Administration will deny an application if it feels that your injury is not severe enough to warrant benefits. If you feel that your disability will impair your ability to work for 12 months or more, you will need to collect all medical records proving this to be the case. An attorney can help you obtain records to support your claim.

Don’t Be Adversarial

Non-cooperative or downright adversarial applicants often face denied applications. If the SSA requests medical records that you have not provided, it is best to supply them as soon as possible. Additionally, the SSA will often request medical examinations to corroborate your claims. Undergoing these examinations in a timely manner is critical, and your attorney can help ensure that your exam is managed fairly.

Talk to an Experienced Attorney

Having a legal advocate experienced in Social Security disability can greatly increase your odds of an approved application. The attorneys at Klok Law Firm LLC utilize years of experience in Social Security disability law to help people obtain the benefits they deserve. To speak with one of our experienced lawyers, contact us today.