Father Custody Statistics that May Surprise You

Father Custody Statistics that May Surprise You

For decades, it was taken for granted that men fared worse in divorce than women, especially when it came to obtaining custody or visitation time with children. And for many years these assumptions seemed to hold true. Recent research, however, is showing that times may be changing in this respect. South Carolina child custody lawyers are seeing more fathers fight for custody than ever before. Courts are starting to acknowledge the benefits of involved fathers in children’s lives.

True Joint Parenting May Be Better For Children

A long-range study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that children who spend more time with their fathers actually do better academically than those with less directly involved fathers. Perhaps not surprisingly, research tells us that children who have cohabitating parents have the least statistical chance of psychosomatic problems, according to a recent study from Sweden. Yet, among those with divorced or separated parents, those who have relatively equal amounts of time with both parents (father and mother) tend to fare better than those who live predominantly with just one parent.

States Shift Toward Encouraging Joint Parenting

Gone are the days where courts automatically presume the mother is the caregiver. States across the country are shifting their views (and legislation) to promote and encourage fathers to be active in their children’s lives. As explained by The Pew Charitable Trusts, there are a number of states that are taking the lead in this regard, including but not limited to Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, South Dakota, Utah, and Florida.

Joint Parenting In South Carolina Divorces

Although South Carolina has not gone so far as to pass specific legislation mandating a preference toward joint parenting, in practice we tend to see more judicial willingness to consider alternative arrangements in recent years. Until 1994, the “Tender Years Doctrine” created a legal preference for mothers to have custody of young children. This was abolished because it was found to be entirely unconstitutional.

Nevertheless, there are times when we see the same old presumptions and outdated ideas enter into judicial decision making. Regardless of who may be awarded custody of a child, the research makes it very clear that whenever possible, a willing and loving father is often of great value in a young child’s life. Accomplishing this in the midst of a bitter divorce can, however, sometimes be challenging.

Are You A Father Fighting For Equal Parenting Time?

If you’re a father, and you are desperately seeking custody or at least equal parenting time with your children, contact Klok Law Firm LLC.  We help our clients fight custody battles every day, and we understand the challenges that all parents face when involved in a battle over the people they love the most—their children.