Four Federal Disability Benefits for Veterans

Four Federal Disability Benefits for Veterans

When someone is a veteran and is disabled due to disease or injuries that either occurred or were aggravated by active military service, there are several federal disability benefits programs that provide compensation. There are also programs that pay benefits to disabled veterans, even when their disabilities are not service connected. Disabled veterans should take advantage of these benefit payment options so that they and their family are financially provided for. Talk with an experienced South Carolina disability lawyer if you need help applying for disability compensation programs.

Four Federal Disability Benefits Programs For Veterans

Disabled veterans have four main federal options for obtaining monthly disability benefits. In some situations, it may be possible to collect disability benefits from more than one of these programs at a time. These programs include:

  • Veterans Service Connected Disability. Disabled veterans who are disabled by a disease or injury that was either incurred or aggravated by active military service may be eligible for VA service-connected disability compensation. Disability benefits are paid in a graduated manner based on the veteran’s disability percentage rating. Disability ratings are on a scale of 10 to 100 percent, made at 10 percent intervals, and are based on a medical examination conducted by a physician.
  • Veterans Pension. The VA pension is a source of supplemental benefits for low income earning veterans who served during a wartime period and are currently disabled. To claim benefits through the VA pension, the veteran must be totally or permanently disabled and the disability does not have to be service connected. VA pension benefits can be collected in addition to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or in addition to Supplemental Security Income.
  • Social Security Disability Insurance. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are for disabled individuals who seek benefits through the Social Security system. SSDI benefits are available to disabled individuals who have paid into the Social Security Disability Insurance system through years of work. SSDI benefits are available to anyone who has made qualifying contributions to the system, and benefits are not limited to disabled veterans. Anyone who is disabled can seek benefits under the SSDI program. Disabled veterans should draw from SSDI if they are eligible to do so.
  • Supplemental Security Income. SSI disability benefits are another option for low-income individuals with disabilities. Monthly benefits are paid to those who are blind or disabled and who have very limited personal assets and very low-income levels. SSI is not limited to disabled veterans but veterans may apply for SSI if they are eligible to do so.

In addition to federal disability programs, many states also have state-specific disability funds that veterans can seek benefits from or special programs that offer incentives and tax exemptions to veterans.

Contact A South Carolina Disability Lawyer

Disabled veterans deserve benefits to help them cope with the financial challenges of living with a disability. Fortunately, there are a number of federal and state programs that disabled veterans can take advantage of. Please do not delay. Contact the professionals at Klok Law Firm LLC for help.

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