Fewer Young Adults Today Believe Divorce is Best Solution

Fewer Young Adults Today Believe Divorce is Best Solution

Traditional marriage’s definition has changed drastically over the last fifty years, and in our society today it is understood in different terms. Some of the trends observed are the rising age of those who are getting married, an increase in two-person, two-earner households, an increase in the number of single-family homes, an increase in the number of couples who are not from the same racial, ethnic, or cultural community, to recount a few. One of the largest trends in American culture is the increase in assortative mating where we choose our partners based on being in the same socio-economic circle. In other words, men and women are not ending up with the people they knew from high school, but are marrying those who they met in college or while at the same job; the lawyer is not marrying his secretary, he’s marrying a fellow lawyer.

Most of these trends go hand-in-hand with not only people evolving outside their comfort zones, but it seems that children are observing these trends and following suit, aiding in the consistent progression of traditional marriage and family norms seen nowadays. Interestingly enough, it seems that children, teenagers, and young adults who were polled over the last year, have beliefs that are similar to those back in the 1950s, but for different reasons.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Study on Marriage and Family Trends

According to a study that was put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), today’s youth seem to find divorce less acceptable than their parents’ generation. The study, which included in-person interviews with 10,000 participants between the ages of 15 and 44, suggested that when the children were asked whether divorce was the best solution to solve a troubled marriage, both men and women were less likely to agree with the statement than ten years earlier. Thirty-eight percent of women today agreed with the statement whereas ten years earlier, 47 percent of the women had agreed. Men today agreed at a rate of 39 percent, which, ten years earlier, was at a rate of 44 percent. Both men and women were less likely to agree that divorce was the best solution for a marriage in trouble than their counterparts ten years earlier.

Reason Why Youth Believe Divorce is Not the Best Solution to a Troubled Marriage

The reasons for this shift, however, are related to the progress seen and the redefinition of the “traditional family”. The more conservative opinion that divorce was not the best solution for a troubled marriage relates largely to a trend where men and women are getting married later in life, where they are more secure, they have grown into the persons and personalities that they now are, and are set in a career. All of these stability factors show that those who do decide to marry have the attitude that once married, they are in it for the long haul. Other factors that have led to this traditional view:

  • There is no longer a push to get married, especially when a baby is present. Society has accepted non-married couples raising children together, as well as, single women raising their children without a partner.
  • Most couples (about 75 percent) are cohabitating before they marry, making the push toward marriage an afterthought.

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