How to Win a Disability Reconsideration – Improving Your Application

How to Win a Disability Reconsideration – Improving Your Application

If you are unable to work due to disability but your initial application for Social Security Disability Insurance was denied, you are not alone. Only about one out of four applications for social security disability benefits are approved upon initial review. It can be discouraging to have your application denied, but persistence pays off. Over 95 percent of SSDI claims are eventually approved with the help of an experienced disability attorney. In this article we’ll help you understand how to win a disability reconsideration.

What Is SSDI Reconsideration?

The first step to appealing an SSDI application denial is the reconsideration phase. If you appeal the Social Security Administration’s initial decision, your claim will be reviewed by a different caseworker than the one that handled your original claim. Many people consider this stage of the appeals process to be a requisite formality necessary to secure a hearing in front of a judge. However, more than 10 percent of applications are approved during the reconsideration stage. There are steps you can take to improve your application’s favorability during this level of appeal. Improving your application can be key factor in how to win a disability reconsideration.

Review Your Application For Incomplete Documentation

Look over your initial SSDI application to ensure it is as complete and detailed as possible. It is easy to miss or forget about a small detail that may impact the SSA’s decision in your case. Even if you do not believe the information is relevant to your claim, it is better to provide too much documentation than not enough to support your benefits application. As always, make copies of everything before you send in documentation to the SSA, and confirm they were received. Lost records can delay the appeals process by several months.

Submit More Information

During the reconsideration level of appeal, you are allowed to submitnew or updated information that supports your claim. As far as SSDI applications are concerned, more is almost always better. If your condition has worsened or a new impairment has occurred since you submitted your initial application, it is very important to document this in your appeal. Include all recent doctor’s visits, especially if you began seeing a new doctor or received a new kind of medical treatment.

Check In With Your Doctor

Be sure to maintain regular visits with your doctors during all phases of the SSDI application process. Communicate your impairments to your physician as clearly and thoroughly as possible. It is common for patients to put on a “brave face” in front of their doctors, but this practice can lead to overly optimistic medical records. Specifically pointing out your functional limitations during your doctor’s visits will paint a more accurate picture of your disability in your medical paper trail.

Get Legal Help Today

Presenting a strong case during the reconsideration level of appeal improves your overall chances of approval and cuts down on the time you must wait to receive benefits. One way to put your best case forward in the SSDI appeals process is to hire an experienced disability attorney to assist you with your claim. We can help you learn how to win a disability reconsideration.

The South Carolina SSDI attorneys at Klok Law Firm LLC are eager to help you. Contact our office in Mt. Pleasant, SC to schedule a free consultation.

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