Legal Help From an Attorney in Your Real Estate Purchase

Legal Help From an Attorney in Your Real Estate Purchase

Whether you are purchasing a home for your family or a new building for your small business, real estate purchases are some of the most important investments you will make. Before you sign on the dotted line, it helps to make sure that you have done all possible due diligence.

At Klok Law Firm, LLC, we provide skilled legal representation to people in Mount Pleasant and throughout the Charleston area in a wide range of real estate transactions. We’ve taken some time here to outline several situations where it helps to retain a knowledgeable real estate attorney.

You Need Terms Beyond a Standard Agreement

These days, home purchases have become so standardized that real estate agents can often simply draw upon a template agreement to close the sale. If there are any special terms or conditions in your real estate agreement, however, you will need an attorney to help draft them and ensure that they are legally sound. Special conditions in a real estate agreement can include:

  • Complex lease-to-own arrangements
  • Requests for home improvements prior to a sale
  • Situations involving existing tenants or the need to evict tenants
  • Other conditions unique to the property

Needs differ between residential and commercial buyers. For homebuyers, you may want an attorney simply to look over the language of the mortgage to ensure that you are protected. In business transactions, it is always a good idea to hire an attorney, as zoning requirements, building codes, and a host of other legal factors will all impact the transaction.

You Want Added Support on Your Team

While real estate agents can provide the support you need in reviewing property values and in negotiating the broad terms of a sale, they will not be able to help you with complex legal questions. Whether you are making a commercial or residential transaction, a real estate lawyer can be a valuable addition to your team. Your attorney will be able to advise you on local regulations, offer trusted counsel on the terms of your agreement, and give you added support in your negotiations with the sellers. He or she can also look for any liens or judgments made against the property, giving you peace of mind that you are not getting more than you bargained for.

You Need Help Closing the Deal

Real estate closings can be highly complex affairs, with stacks of paperwork being signed and shuffled around at a rapid pace. Having a real estate attorney at this time can ensure that all aspects of the closing are handled correctly. Your attorney can assist you with property transfers, filings at the state and county level, and any other aspects of the sale. This support will help ensure that there are no surprises after the sale and that all transactions happen in accordance with local and state laws.

Contact an Experienced Mount Pleasant Real Estate Lawyer

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