What To Look for in a Veterans’ Disability Benefits Lawyer

What To Look for in a Veterans’ Disability Benefits Lawyer

Thanks to a recent change in the law, veterans who are applying for benefits and who have been initially denied can have an attorney represent them during the appeals process. The right attorney can be very beneficial to a veteran who has been initially denied benefits by assisting in completing and timely submitting appeals paperwork, collecting evidence necessary to support the claim, and representing the veteran before the various appeals boards.

But not all attorneys are equally skilled at representing veterans and obtaining the disability benefits to which they are entitled. Choosing the wrong attorney can result in your appeal being denied or dismissed, losing benefits you need and to which you are entitled. You should look for an attorney who:

  1. Is Experienced in Representing Disabled Veterans

Question whether the attorney you are considering regularly represents claimants before the VA. Many areas of law change regularly, and veterans’ disability law is no different. An attorney who represents claimants only infrequently may not be well-versed on the most current laws and procedures. Conversely, an attorney who regularly represents claimants is more likely to be aware of the most current laws and procedures.

  1. Does Not Promise Certain Results

It is often difficult for any attorney to predict with 100% accuracy what the outcome of a case is going to be. Likewise, an attorney cannot guarantee a specific dollar amount of recovery with complete accuracy. Most attorneys recognize that outcomes depend on certain facts and circumstances that they or their clients may be unable to predict or control. While attorneys may be able to provide details about how a case is likely to turn out, or what benefits are likely to be obtained, an attorney should not be willing to guarantee particular results.

  1. Is Trustworthy and With Whom You Are Comfortable

Finally, do not allow an attorney to represent you if you are not comfortable with him or her or if you do not find the attorney trustworthy. In order to properly represent you, the attorney will need to know certain private details about your service, your disability, and your current medical situation. Likewise, you will need to trust your attorney is meeting the appropriate deadlines and submitting paperwork that is complete and thorough. If you do not believe your attorney to be trustworthy and reliable, your relationship with this attorney is likely to be stressful and unproductive.

Contact The Klok Law Firm

When you are appealing the denial of veterans’ disability benefits, seek the assistance of the Klok Law Firm, LLC. We help veterans seeking disability benefits after they have been initially denied. We know not only the procedural steps that must be followed in order to appeal a denial, but the evidence necessary to win your appeal as well. If you have been denied veterans’ disability benefits, contact us at (843) 216-8860 for a free consultation today. Let us help you get the veterans’ benefits you deserve.


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