Reasons to Modify Child Support in South Carolina

Reasons to Modify Child Support in South Carolina

A Child Support Order is a legal court document that requires the parties to comply with its terms. Violating a Support Order can result in steep fines, interest charges, and even the loss of numerous privileges, such as your driver’s license. In extreme cases, it can result in jail time for the offender. This is why it is so important to know your rights and get experienced legal help before trying to represent yourself in a divorce or child support action in South Carolina. If you are being sued for child support arrears or facing garnishment of your wages, you need to contact a child support attorney who can fight to protect your rights. Here are just a few important considerations and potential reasons to modify child support that everyone should know.

Support Is Statutory

For child support, there is a complex calculation, which accounts for the custodial parent’s income, the noncustodial parent’s income, and certain permissible exemptions.

The state has a useful calculator that can give people a broad estimate of their potential obligation. Unfortunately, it’s just an estimate, and without an attorney, many potential exemptions could be missed. Likewise, the calculator cannot take into consideration other external factors that may sway a judge to reduce the amount of the obligation.

Your Driver’s License Could Be Taken

If you miss your child support payments, you could face a license suspension. If your job depends on you being able to drive to and from work, you may have the right to ask for a temporary, limited license in order to continue working to meet your obligations.

Live-In Relationships

While a court definitely cares about whether the child is safe and cared for, child support is calculated based on the income of the parents, not their respective unmarried partners. That said, in this regard, there may be reasons to modify child support. For instance, if the husband is paying a share of daycare expenses so that the wife can maintain her job, and she has a live-in partner who is now watching the children, this can reduce the husband’s share of those expenses.

Modifying A Support Order

Life happens. Things change. Whether you have lost a job, had a significant life event, survived a natural disaster or death in your family, there can be countless reasons why child support has become unaffordable. You should not face the loss of driving privileges or wage garnishment if you are facing financial hardship.

On the other hand, if you are a custodial parent receiving a small amount of child support, and you discover that the other parent has received a large raise or come into significant assets that should reasonably increase the amount of child support available for your children, you can also petition a court to modify the award to include these changes.

Get Help From A Child Support Attorney

Before you try to tackle a child support modification alone, you owe it to yourself to call an experienced child support attorney. Find out more about your rights, and make sure you are not missing out on significant resources that could make a difference in your daily life.

Contact Klok Law Firm LLC to discuss your case with experienced and caring attorneys who understand South Carolina’s complex child support laws. Don’t risk going alone.