Five Less Common Reasons People Divorce

Five Less Common Reasons People Divorce

A recent article of Marie Claire discussed a handful of reasons why people have gotten divorced. Everyone knows the big reasons, such as fighting over money, infidelity, and sex. And although some of the stranger reasons for divorce may seem like little more than tabloids, there is some truth to them. Here are five less common reasons people divorce.


Given the growing divide in American politics, it’s no wonder that a recent study by Wakefield Research uncovered some odd facts about politics and marriage. The Washington Examiner reports that the research actually confirmed that 1 in 10 relationships break up due to political differences. In fact, the research also suggests that 42 percent of millennials interviewed would consider divorce based on who their spouse voted for.


In one detailed story about snoring, Daily Mail explores how sleep deprivation can ruin a marriage. While this may seem like a minor problem, it’s actually pretty serious. As children come into the picture and people age, sleep takes a backseat to other priorities. Valley Sleep Center (an Arizona sleep clinic) argues that lack of sleep could be a contributing factor in as many as half of all divorces. At first blush, this seems a bit inflated. That is until you look at the research.

A 2005 study by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that about one-fourth (23%) of those interviewed actually declined sex or avoided intimacy due to sleep deprivation. Moreover, lack of sleep leads to irritability, memory challenges, and weight gain. So, perhaps snoring and sleep loss is a significant factor in many divorces.

The In-Laws

A study by Cambridge University found that challenges with in-laws are one of the largest causes of divorce, according to New York Post. Of course, everyone already knows in-laws can cause problems. Yet, it’s still odd that this comes in as one of the leading causes.


For seniors facing possible nursing home placement, there has long been a possible planning technique called “gray divorce” or a Medicaid divorce. This is where the couple gets divorced to avoid losing assets while maintaining potential eligibility for Medicaid coverage. This is hardly a good way to handle an estate plan, but it is a sad reality for some seniors.


Okay. Maybe this is not all that strange, but Chicago Tribune reports that about 42 percent of Americans are in an ‘interfaith marriage.’ This according to a 2010 study surveying 2,450 Americans. However, the study also reflected that interfaith marriages are generally less happy and are more likely to end in divorce. While this is not necessarily ‘strange,’ it’s important to remember that a good number of people enter these marriages knowing that their spouse does not share their faith, to begin with.

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