Reunion between Exes: Is It Possible for Exes to Forgive, Forget, and Remarry?

Reunion between Exes: Is It Possible for Exes to Forgive, Forget, and Remarry?

After a traumatic divorce, it may be impossible for either of the individuals to imagine being in the same room with their ex, let alone remarrying their ex. However, remarrying an ex-spouse, though unusual, is not impossible.

The Statistics of Reunited and Remarried Couples

In a study recently referenced by the Chicago Tribune, 1,001 reunited couples were interviewed and evaluated and 6 percent of the couples said that they had married, divorced and remarried their exes. Of the 6 percent, 72 percent of the reunited couples remained together, but this was due largely to whether the reunited couple originally separated when they were significantly younger.

Psychology Today, however, quoted that the success of a remarriage between exes is even more unusual – almost 60 percent of those remarried couples end up in divorce, but it was shown that if the remarried couple stayed together for at least 5 years, they had a better chance of being successful in their remarriage.

Remarriage between exes, as seen in the statistics above, may be extremely rare and maybe have divorce rates that are staggering, but some research has shed light on the unique positives of remarrying your ex-spouse.

The unique reasons why remarriage may work for ex-spouses include the following:

Time between Divorce and Remarriage

When there has been a significant amount of time between divorce and remarriage, many circumstances of the relationship may have changed as a result. For example, issues that were the breaking points of the relationship may no longer be present and may pave the way for a potential new relationship between the couple. A couple that once broke up because of distance or money problems may find that those problems no longer exist.

Children of the Couple May Bring the Family Together

When children are shared, the divorced couple, depending on their custody agreement, may still be in constant contact with each other. Just because a divorce occurred, does not mean that the couple ceases being involved in each other’s lives. Also, celebrating the children and their accomplishments may help bring the couple together.

Maturity and Growth

Sometimes a couple married when they were young or as a result of going through something together. There are many reasons why people get together and those reasons no longer exist after a certain amount of time. Many times couples that married early on in their youth require time to mature and reflect on the person that they would like to become. Though maturity levels may differ at the beginning of the marriage, divorce and time apart may actually bring the couple back together with similar maturity levels, shared interests and values, and hopefully a new appreciation for open communication.


After a marriage and divorce, a couple goes in different directions hurt and traumatized by the events that precipitated the separation in the first place. Taking time away from an ex may permit each individual to reflect on the relationship and go through the long process of forgiving the other for the harms of the past. Potentially, forgiving and letting go may lead the couple to a fresh start.

If You Love Them Once, You Can Love Them Again

The thing about exes is that at one point they were not exes; in other words, a couple has a significant history together and a past of love and hope. Love may not always just disappear just because a divorce decree was finalized. Love lost does not mean it is gone forever and a couple may find that after time apart, their love for each other has resurfaced.

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