SC Only State Without Statewide Child Support Computer System

SC Only State Without Statewide Child Support Computer System

South Carolina was ordered by federal law to have an operational statewide child support computer system in place to allow the state to monitor, collect and pursue child support payments from deadbeat parents by 1997, but such a system will not be in place until 2019 WSPA Channel 7 News reports. Due to a series of failures by companies who were in charge of developing the software and one lengthy court battle, South Carolina has been fined over $130 million by the federal government for the lack of the necessary system in place.  

What is Child Support?

Child support is a catch-all phrase used to describe money that is earmarked for covering the costs of raising a child. This includes meals, clothing, shelter, schooling, toiletries, insurance, healthcare, etc. Simply put, any cost that comes about or is necessary to raise a child is provided for by child support. Child support is provided for by a noncustodial parent to the custodial parent, or put more plainly, the parent who is raising the child.

Why Is a Statewide Child Support Computer System Important?

Simply because a child is entitled to receive support does not necessarily mean that both parents are eager to put forward the necessary money. Some parents are deadbeats and do not pay for their child’s needs. These parents have to be forced to contribute to the well-being of their child. A statewide child support computer system would allow South Carolina to have a centralized database of information of parents, and their payments made. Such a system allows the state to more effectively pursue and enforce orders of child support against parents who refuse to pay.

Currently, all 46 individual South Carolina counties have separate child support systems that are not only not integrated to each other but are not integrated into other states’ computer systems, potentially allowing deadbeat parents evade paying child support payments. The statewide system would allow South Carolina to collect more child support payments and make it easier for parents to collect money for their children, as it has allowed other states to do.

Pursue Child Support Today

Even though the statewide child support computer system will not be in place until 2019, you do not have to wait to pursue child support payments. If you have a child and the child’s parent is not contributing to your child’s wellbeing financially, contact the lawyers at Klok Law Firm LLC in Mt. Pleasant. Call now at (843) 216-8860. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through the process of collecting monetary support for your child. Don’t let your child go without the support he or she is mandated by law. Get your child the help he or she deserves.