South Carolina Child Support Reduction

South Carolina Child Support Reduction

There are many unfortunate stories about parents not paying their child support. For example, a child support payment plan that was based on one parent’s income at the time the amount was decided may become severely reduced, because the parent may have been let go from their job, or the parent’s business failed or was substantially reduced. There are a number of reasons that can cause a parent to become unable to provide as much child support as before. When that occurs, however, it is important for the parent paying child support to take appropriate actions immediately.

Seeking Reduced Child Support: What Not to Do

If you are experiencing a substantial reduction in your income or a substantial change in your life circumstances, the worst action that you could take in regards to your child support is to stop paying it. Failure to pay your child support is asking for a whole mess of legal hardships, including garnished wages, liens attached to your property and even warrants for your arrest. Always pay your child support and do not attempt to evade your responsibilities.

Seeking Reduced Child Support: What To Do

Fortunately, the right steps to take are fairly straightforward. States have a strong interest in making sure that a child receives as much child support from their parents as possible, and decreasing that amount can be challenging. Therefore, taking the right steps to modify child support is necessary if there is any hope for decreasing the amount of child support owed.

The first step that you should take is to consult a family law attorney with experience in working with child support modification. Then, with the attorney’s advice, you should notify the appropriate authorities that you are seeking a modification of child support and provide the reasons why you are seeking modification.

In South Carolina, there are three primary reasons that a parent paying child support, or payor, may be entitled to a reduction in child support:

  • You now make substantially less income than when the child support order was established. In South Carolina, “substantially” less means approximately 20 percent less. This reduction in income can also not be the choice of the parent. Taking a lower paying job in order to reduce your child support payments is not a valid reason for a reduction.
  • You are now injured or have a medical condition that prevents you from working. This must be well-documented by a licensed, medical doctor, and proof must be provided to the court.
  • You have a biological or adopted child living in your home who was born or adopted since the child support order was established.

How a Mt Pleasant, SC Family Law Attorney Can Help

Any one of these reasons is enough to qualify for a reduction of child support, but even then, it is still difficult to achieve a reduction in child support. As stated previously, courts and governments are reluctant to reduce a child’s support in almost any situation. However, with the representation and help from a qualified South Carolina family law attorney, such a change may be possible. If you are seeking a reduction in your child support obligations, consider the experienced attorneys at Klok Law Firm LLC in Mount Pleasant, SC.

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