The Impact of Marriage on Social Security Disability Benefits

The Impact of Marriage on Social Security Disability Benefits

As Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are partially calculated based on the recipient’s life circumstances, getting married may impact a recipient’s monthly benefits. Under some circumstances, getting married can even render a recipient ineligible to continue receiving benefits altogether. Even worse, the Social Security Administration sometimes forgets to recalculate SSD benefits when a recipient gets married, demanding sometimes years later that the recipient issue a refund. If you are the recipient of Social Security Disability benefits in South Carolina, read on to learn how your marriage may impact those benefits.

Will Getting Married Affect My Social Security Disability Benefits?

The answer to this question depends on how you originally qualified for SSD benefits. In order to qualify for SSD benefits, a recipient must have “sufficient work credits.” This requirement can be met either by contributions that the recipient made to the Social Security fund through payroll deductions taken prior to their disability or as a dependent of a worker who has amassed sufficient work credits.

The Disability Benefits Center notes that whether or not getting married will affect your SSD benefits depends on how you originally met the sufficient work credits requirement and how your life circumstances will change due to the marriage.

  • Recipients who Qualified Under their own Work Credits: For workers who qualified for SSD benefits under their own work credits, getting married will not affect their SSD benefit eligibility or the amount of their monthly payments.
  • Recipients who Qualified with Work Credits as a Dependent: Recipients who qualified with work credits as a dependent (for example widows, widowers, and spouses) may see their monthly SSD payments reduced or even taken away altogether after they get married. How a marriage can affect a recipient’s eligibility for benefits depends on their relationship with the working party who earned the qualifying work credits. For example, disabled adult children who get married may generally lose their eligible for SSD benefits. Additionally, recipients who qualified under their ex-spouse’s work credit may lose their SSD benefits if they choose to get remarried.

Get Help From a South Carolina Social Security Disability Attorney

If you are currently receiving Social Security disability payments and are considering getting married, be aware that doing so may impact your eligibility to continue receiving SSD benefits. Determining SSD eligibility can be complicated, but a competent Social Security disability attorney can analyze your unique situation and discuss your legal options with you.

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