VA Benefits Claims: Personality Disorders

VA Benefits Claims: Personality Disorders

Unfortunately, mental illness can be a very real, serious consequence of joining the armed forces. The brutalities and losses witnessed during a time of war can be too much for the human brain to handle—even one trained in combat—and lead to mental disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and intermittent exposure disorder. According to CNN, one of the largest studies to assess the mental health risks associated with the armed forces was recently conducted, and its findings were shocking. The study found that active duty service members were far more likely—up to 15 times more likely—to experience some sort of mental health disorder, and as much as 25 percent of non-deployed active duty service men and women were tested positive for a mental disorder of some kind. Of the study group, 11 percent were tested positive for two or more disorders. The study followed nearly 5,500 enlisted individuals.

VA Benefits: Personality Disorders Not Recognized

Sadly, the VA does not recognize personality disorders as a disability or casualty of war, making it difficult for veterans who suffer from severe depression or PTSD to obtain the compensation and medical attention they need to get better. However, at Klok Law Firm LLC, our veterans’ disability attorney wants to remedy that, advocating for veterans with any number of disabilities, ranging from permanent physical disabilities to mental illnesses.

Despite not being recognized by the VA, personality disorders are one of the most commonly diagnosed illnesses in our soldiers. If you were diagnosed with a mental disorder, and if you believe that your time with the service is to blame, it is imperative that you receive a private evaluation to determine whether or not the mental condition was preexisting. If it was a preexisting condition, you may not have much ground for a claim; however, in the event that it was not a preexisting condition, you may deserve to be compensated for your damages.

However, to receive compensation for a direct service connection, you must present the following:

  • A current mental illness diagnosis
  • Evidence of an event that leads to the mental illness
  • Medical evidence connecting your current mental diagnosis with the aforementioned event

Get Help From a Mount Pleasant Veterans’ Benefits Attorney

Filing a typical VA disability benefits claim is difficult enough; however, filing a claim for a disability that the VA does not recognize as a disability may prove to be a long, arduous and uphill battle. Our veterans’ benefits attorneys are well-versed in the VA claims process and can help you navigate the oftentimes frustrating and exhausting process.

At Klok Law Firm LLC, our VA benefits attorneys work with present and past military service members to help obtain the disability compensation they need to live a comfortable, happy life after their time in the military. If you or a loved one suffer from a mental disorder that may have been the result of your time in the armed forces, contact our veterans’ benefits attorneys to see how we can help you achieve the compensation you may rightfully deserve.