VA Claims Backlog Continues

VA Claims Backlog Continues

A recent Stars and Stripes article points to a problem with which many disabled veterans are familiar: the snail’s pace at which the VA often responds to veterans’ disability claims. The story draws statistics from a report commissioned by the U.S. Senate that found that 40 percent of all veterans’ disability claims–or over 188,000–have been processing for more than 125 days.

These wait times are unacceptable by any measure and are an insult to veterans who have sacrificed so much in service to their country. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up veterans disability claims, though the process is fraught with red tape. At Klok Law Firm, we help veterans in Charleston and throughout the surrounding area claim the disability benefits they deserve in an efficient manner.

Apply as Soon as Possible

If you know you are disabled, you will want to begin the process of applying for benefits as soon as possible. Submitting your claim sooner rather than later will help your benefits become available at the earliest possible date. Double-check your application for errors or misinformation; submitting inaccurate or unnecessary information can slow your application processing time. A disability lawyer can advise and assist you so your application will be complete and accurate.

Submit Only the Required Information

Applications for veterans’ disability benefits are a delicate balance between submitting too much and not enough information. You want to be as specific as possible in listing the illnesses and symptoms causing your disability, while at the same time avoid tying up your application by listing any irrelevant ailments. A good rule of thumb is to only list those symptoms for which you have medical records or are exhibiting physical signs. Processing times increase with the more symptoms and illnesses that need to be corroborated.

Fast Track Your Claim if Possible

To encourage more fully developed claims, the VA instituted its “Fast Track” program in 2010. This allows complete disability claims with all relevant medical records attached to move ahead of the line. Claims that only list one or two disabilities can also be moved forward more efficiently. Finally, if you have suffered military trauma, are a former POW, or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, you may be eligible for Fast Track status.

Contact a Trusted Disability Lawyer

If one thing is certain about veterans’ disability applications, it is that they are not simple or straightforward. To move your application forward in as timely a manner as possible, it helps to have an experienced attorney to guide the process along. At Klok Law Firm LLC we help veterans in Charleston and throughout South Carolina with all aspects of disability benefits claims, including assistance with your application, or with contesting any denial of benefits. To speak to a Charleston disability lawyer about your claim, contact Klok Law Firm LLC today.