VA Disability & Social Security Disability

VA Disability & Social Security Disability

If you are a disabled veteran, you may already know it is possible to qualify for bothveterans’ disability benefits andsocial security disability. The rules and qualifications for each program are unique. You might qualify for one program but not the other, or you may be able to receive payments from both programs concurrently. Disabled veterans are encouraged to apply forall disability programs for which they may qualify.

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VA) is usually the first stop for veterans in need of disability assistance. When you apply for veterans’ disability compensation for your service-connected disability, the VA will assign you a disability rating of 0-100%. Your VA compensation rating affects whether you are entitled to benefits and how much you will receive. When you apply for social security disability, the Social Security Administration will consider your VA compensation rating when making decisions on your application.

Veterans Disability Compensation Rating

Disability compensation is for veterans that incurred or aggravated an illness or injury while on active duty. This is known as a service-connected disability. The payment amount you receive will depend on your VA disability rating, how much you receive from other military benefit payments, and if you have a spouse or dependents.

The disability rating ranges from 0-100%, increasing in increments of 10. You can receive compensation with a rating as low as 10%, indicating you are 10% disabled. Veterans that are classified as 30% or more disabled can receive an additional payment for a spouse that is also disabled.

VA Disability Rating & SSD Determination

Because of the different qualification criteria, a veteran that is considered disabled by the VA may not meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disabled. While the VA allocates payments on a sliding scale of total disability (100%) to partial disability (as low as 10%), the SSA will only determine you to be “disabled” or “not disabled.”

However, having a high disability rating (70% or more) from the VA is a helpful indicator for the SSA when you apply for Social Security Disability. VA disability ratings are almost always given“great weight” when considering an applicant’s degree of disability. It may also work to your advantage that the SSA considers all injuries and illnesses, not only those that are connected to your military service.

Veterans With A VA Compensation Rating Of 100% P&T

Even a VA compensation rating of 100% P&T (permanently and totally disabled) cannot guarantee you will be approved for Social Security Disability. However, it does entitle you toexpedited application processing for SSD benefits. The SSA will make an effort to process your application quickly. Chances are high that they will determine that someone with a 100% P&T disability rating also meets the definition of “disabled” under the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

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