What Is a Disability Interview? How Can I Prepare?

What Is a Disability Interview? How Can I Prepare?

The application process for Social Security disability can be long and complicated. Many people who apply are not granted benefits on their first attempt. But something that can help increase your chances of succeeding on your disability application is to work with a Social Security disability attorney, who can help you understand how the process works and what the various parts of the application process entail. One important part of filing a Social Security disability application is a disability interview.

What Is A Disability Interview?

After completing the initial application for Social Security disability benefits and filing the application with the Social Security Administration (SSA), you will be granted a disability interview. During this interview, you will meet with a disability application examiner who will conduct the interview. This is your chance to provide any additional medical or other relevant evidence to your disability examiner and is an opportunity to discuss your application directly with the examiner. The purpose of the disability interview is to speed along the application examiner’s understanding of disability so that the examiner can render a decision about benefits more quickly.

Two important aspects of your disability application are your work history and your medical history. Your work history information will help the examiner determine if you are eligible for Social Security disability benefits and in what amounts. Your medical history will be evaluated by the examiner to determine the extent of your disability and whether your disability renders you eligible for disability benefits.

Helping the disability examiner to do their job is to your benefit. Providing thorough, organized documentary evidence of your disability and work status will help the examiner work quickly. These documents also help prove to the examiner that you should be granted a disability status and help the examiner determine whether you are entitled to back payments for your disability.

It is important to remember that the success rate for first time Social Security disability applications is fairly low. Many applications are immediately denied, because the applicant failed to properly complete the form, or did not properly submit the application. Other common pitfalls that cause applicants a lot of difficulties when it comes to getting Social Security disability benefits include not providing the examiner with enough documentation of the disability and insufficient evidence concerning work history.

Consult An Experienced Disability Lawyer

Filling out a Social Security disability application can be daunting. Failing to get approval for benefits on your first attempt might not be a reasonable risk for you to take in light of your disability and inability to work. It is always a good idea to work with an experienced Social Security disability lawyer. A lawyer can guide you through the application process, help you prepare for your disability interview and help you file appeal if your application is denied.

If you are in need of Social Security disability benefits, an experienced Mount Pleasant, SC Social Security disability attorney at Klok Law Firm LLC can help you apply. We have helped many individuals obtain the disability benefits they need.

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