When going through a divorce, even if you think it will be a “friendly” divorce, it is important that you protect your privacy. In South Carolina, if one person to an in-person conversation or electronic communication, can record it.  Your spouse may record any conversations they have with you.  Make sure you take other precautions to protect your privacy during a divorce. At Klok Law, we recommend that you do not engage in social media while going through a divorce. What you post may seem innocent but in some circumstances, it can be misinterpreted and used against you.  Change your passwords to one you would not normally choose. Your spouse probably knows you well and could guess your new password.  We recommend using a Strong Random Password Generator. Disable any location sharing services on your mobile phone, double check those privacy settings. It just doesn’t happen to celebrities. In the well-publicized divorce of a famous musician power couple, the wife allegedly discovered her husband was cheating on her when she saw explicit texts and nude pictures between her husband and the nanny. Apparently, the family’s iPad and the husband’s phone were linked through iCloud.  We have also seen this happen to couples in our own law practice.