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Personal Injury2019-12-08T20:07:30+00:00
Asbestos Products Liability2019-12-05T21:19:13+00:00

Exposure to asbestos can cause serious injuries, illness, and even death.

Premises Liability2019-12-05T21:18:55+00:00

Premises liability comes into play when someone is injured on another person’s property due to the owner’s negligence. This is also known as “slip and fall” law.

Pedestrian Accidents2019-12-05T21:18:38+00:00

Pedestrian accident liability is based on negligence. These accidents can occur anywhere but usually occur at crosswalks with heavy traffic intersections.

Drunk Drivers2019-12-05T21:18:22+00:00

If you are injured by a drunk driver, there may also be others who may be held liable. South Carolina does not have a dram shop statute, but does recognize dram shop claims in some instances, such as the purchaser being underage and was intoxicated by the alcohol they purchased by the time of the accident. In South Carolina, there is no social hosts liability for adults.

Wrongful Death2019-12-05T21:18:04+00:00

South Carolina, like most if not all states, has a law that allows survivors to sue if another’s negligence or acts caused the person’s death.

Medical Malpractice2019-12-05T21:15:52+00:00

Medical malpractice actions are filed when a physician, dentist, or other medical professional causes, or fails to prevent, harm because of their poor or improper performance.

Products Liability2019-12-05T21:15:23+00:00

Products liability cases usually occur when someone uses, or is exposed to, a dangerous product and is injured. It can be based on breach of warranty, negligence, or strict liability. Products can be asbestos used in manufacturing, pharmaceutical drugs, defective cars, just to name a few.

Personal Injury2019-12-05T21:15:05+00:00

Personal injury cases happen when you are injured by the action, or inaction, of another person. The most common example is a person injured in a car accident.